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Liberals Don’t Want You to Know THIS About Our Police Officers


A report has surfaced on Monday saying that in 2016 no fewer than 135 police officers in America were killed in the line of duty. According to Conservative Post, of the 135 police officers,  64 were shot dead by criminals, 53 died in traffic-related incidents, and the rest were taken by other causes while on duty. The

Trey Gowdy Just Demolished Anti-Cop BLM Supporter In Front of The Entire Nation


Trey Gowdy, an American attorney, politician and former prosecutor, received a positive feedback from the Black community after he served a lesson to anti-cop Black community supporter, a report from Proud Conservative said on Friday. It can be recalled that for the past months anti-cop rhetoric has sweep the nation. This leads to mass riots, panic

MILO: Black Lives Matter Is ‘The Last Socially Acceptable Hate Group’


During his talk on left-wing race-baiters at the University Wisconson-Milwaukee, MILO described Black Lives Matter as “the last socially acceptable hate group in America.” “Black Lives Matter is the culmination of racial divide. They’re  the last socially acceptable hate group in America. They’re the only group dedicated to racial hatred in America that it’s OK

Grammy Awards: Beyoncé Leads Nominations with BLM-Inspired ‘Lemonade’


Beyoncé leads all artists with nine nominations at the 2017 Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year for her Black Lives Matter-inspired album “Lemonade,” while Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West each earned eight nods and British pop queen Adele was tipped in top categories including Album of the Year for her commercial juggernaut 25. Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Judge Sentences Baltimore Rioter to 15 Years After Hearing His INSANE Excuse


A Baltimore judge on Friday has   sentenced Donta Betts, a major rioter in the city’s unrest last year, to 15 years behind bars, a report from Conservative Tribune said. According to the report, the judge’s ruling has been attributed to Betts’ unbelievable admission to the crime which was witnessed by the public. It was learned that both progressives and

‘Black Panther’ Couple Wanted to Kill Cops, Start Race War


A couple with claimed ties to the New Black Panther Party has been charged for threatening a Birmingham elementary school with a hoax explosive device and threatening to kill police officers with the hope of starting a race war. Convicted felon Zachary Edwards, 35, and Raphel Dilligard, 34, are facing charges for possession of a

Alan Dershowitz: Bigotry Of Far Left Has To Be Called Out, and ‘Obama Hasn’t Done Enough’


On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” attorney and author Alan Dershowitz criticized President Barack Obama for not calling out Black Lives matter and Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) for their bigotry, and “we on the liberal side have to call out the bigotry on the left as strongly as people on the right have to call

BOOM! Texas Moves to Classify Attacks on Cops as Hate Crimes

On Thursday, a bill was filed by Texas legislators to deem it as a hate crime to those who would malign and target police officers or first responders, a report from Conservative Tribune said. “We’re going to ask that it become an emergency legislative item for the governor so that as soon as we get

Black Lives Matter Activists Respond to Trump Victory with Fear, Violence, Resolve


Black Lives Matter activists expressed shock, anger, fear, and defiance on social media after the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States, demonstrating that the radical leftists behind the Black Lives Matter movement view the election as a setback but far from the end of their work in dividing

Lady Gaga Dedicates ‘Angel Down’ to Trayvon Martin


Singer Lady Gaga revealed in a recent interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe that the song “Angel Down,” which appears on her new album, Joanne, is about the highly publicized 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin. “There an epidemic of young African Americans being murdered in this country. I was overwhelmed by the fact that people just stood

Mike Pence Leaves Trump Fans Cheering With 1 EPIC Line About American Cops


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence  spoke about the police and the anti-cop sentiment which he claimed that has gained momentum over the past few years.  He said the notion of “police bias” should be stopped as suggested by the leaders of the Democrat Party, a Conservative Tribune said on Thursday. “Police officers are the best of us, and

Springsteen: Black Lives Matter a ‘Natural’ Response to American Injustice


Rocker Bruce Springsteen weighed in on the Black Lives Matter movement in a sprawling interview, telling Rolling Stone that the movement is a “natural” response to racial injustice in the United States and slamming white critics who don’t like “being told they’re wrong.” In an interview with the music outlet timed to the release of his

Sheriff Clarke Puts Drunken Black Lives Matter Thug In His Place


On Wednesday, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has subdued an aggressive drunk Black Lives Matter thug when a plane was set to land on the airport’s tarmac, a report from Conservative Tribune said.  According to the report, Preston Bluntson, 36, was charged with intoxication and disruptive behavior after being hauled off the American Airlines flight from Milwaukee

Little Boy Shot And Killed By Officer… Al Sharpton And BLM Are NOWHERE To Be Seen


Whenever a black person is shot by the police, The Black Lives Matter movement and assorted race-baiters come out of the woodwork and they use this to strengthen their false agenda, ahead from the facts come out in the case and often long after the facts exonerate the officer. For instance, back in November 2015

‘Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay! MILO MILO GO AWAY’: Watch FSU Leftists’ Angry Reaction To Milo


Black Lives Matter and the Students for Democratic Society banded together today at Florida State University to protest MILO’s talk on campus. “Racist, sexist, anti-gay. Milo Milo, Go away!” the crowd chanted. The line of Milo fans awaiting entry into the lecture hall chanted back “Build the Wall.” One Milo fan held up his own

Black Lives Matter: We’ll Tear Down New Orleans’ Monuments Ourselves


NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – The ‘Take ‘Em Down Nola’ group, which has aligned itself with the Black Lives Matter movement, is now saying publicly they plan to tear down New Orleans’ most iconic monument in the city. During a protest outside of New Orleans City Hall, a group of Take ‘Em Down Nola, which has

Teen Sisters Injured in California Protests Say They Were Attacked Because They Are White


Police are searching for suspects in an attack that hurt two teenage sisters Friday in response to protests against the police shooting of a California man. A group of protesters wearing Black Lives Matter shirts held a vigil for Colby Friday, an African American man who was shot and killed by Stockton police in August

Charlotte Police Chief: No Book Found At The Scene Of Keith Scott’s Shooting


Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney on Thursday claimed that  law enforcement authorities found a handgun at the scene of the shooting of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott. He said that Scott had been warned by the police multiple times to drop his weapon  before his body was peppered by bullets, a report from Western Journalism said.

Black Dallas Cop Suing Black Lives Matter For Starting Anti-Police Race War


On Monday, a federal lawsuit was filed by a Dallas police sergeant against the Black Lives Matter group of which he accused the group’s leaders accusing of inciting anti-police violence, a report from The Federalist Paper said. According to the report, Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, president of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and a police officer

North Carolina Soldier Was Ready To Deploy… Then “BlackLives” Protester Snuck Up From Behind


An Air Force mechanic’s deployment to Europe scheduled for next month was postponed for the reason that a “Black Lives Matter” activist allegedly sucker-punched him outside the Transit Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, fracturing his jaw. It was said that incident happened on Saturday, only moments after Matthew Whitehurst, 23, left a pre-season football game

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