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Deluded Hillary To Run in 2020


Word coming from New York is Hillary will run again in 2020. Please please please run again Hillary. I’m begging you. You made it so easy to win. Just think of how much more money you can scam by running again? Millions in your to line your pockets like your good friend Jill Stein just

Hillary Clinton: Putin’s alleged involvement in hacks stemmed from ‘personal beef’


NEW YORK, Dec. 16 (UPI) — Hillary Clinton told her donors that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged involvement in hacking Democratic computers during the 2016 presidential election stems from the Russian leader’s longtime “personal beef” against her. The Democratic presidential candidate told her donors Thursday night in Manhattan that Putin has been holding a grudge

JUST IN: Clinton Campaign Requested an Intelligence Briefing on Trump’s Presidency


The Hillary Clinton campaign announced that they will give electors in the Electoral College access to intelligence on the Democratic National Committee hack before they certify that Donald Trump has won the presidency. Mediaite reported that this came hours after 10 electors out of 538 requested an intelligence briefing on the conclusion from federal agencies that Russia was

Trump Does Not Rule Out Appointing Special Prosecutor To Investigate Clinton


When President-elect Donald Trump said during the second presidential debate that Hillary Clinton should go to jail when he’s elected, we thought he’d push through with it. But he may have relaxed his stance on the matter. On Oct. 9, Trump said  “If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get

Clinton Hid Past Health Problems From Public, Former White House Doctor Says


When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s health issues, secrecy is not a stranger as the Democratic presidential candidate’s former doctor maintains. Dr. Connie Mariano, said that in 1998, Clinton allowed her staff and the general public to think that issues she had with her right leg were due to a pulled muscle and not a

Clinton Vows To Fight For Kids As She Campaigns With Leading Abortion Supporters


Democratic presidential nominee HIllary Clinton said during a campaign stop last week that “fighting for kids” has been “the cause of my life.” This is after flanked by advocates for organizations that deny life to unborn children. Clinton was joined by Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, EMILY’s List president Stephanie Schriock, and NARAL president Ilyse Hogue. More

Bernie Sanders Breaks Away From Hillary Clinton

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 17: Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks to throngs of supporters in Prospect Park to hear Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speak on April 17, 2016 In the Brooklyn borough of New York City. While Sanders is still behind in the delegate count with Hillary Clinton, he has energized many young and liberal voters around the country. New York holds its primary this Tuesday. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A report has surfaced on Thursday, saying that Bernie Sanders has apparently given up on Hillary Clinton. The Federalist Papers reported that Sanders, a former Democratic candidate, has begun to return to his anti-establishment rhetoric as the end of the presidential election draws near. It was learned that some die-hard supporters of Sanders criticized him for endorsing Hillary Clinton

Will Barack Obama Delay Or Suspend The Election If Hillary Is Forced Out By The New FBI Email Investigation?


Just when it looked like Hillary Clinton was poised to win the 2016 election, the FBI has thrown a gamechanger into the mix. On Friday, FBI Director James Comey announced that his agency has discovered new emails related to Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information that they had not previously seen. According to the Associated

Will Barack Obama Suspend The Election If Hillary Is Forced Out By The New FBI Email Investigation?


The FBI thrown a gamechanger into the mix, in the moment everyone thought Hillary Clinton could have a higher chance of winning the 2016 election. FBI Director James Comey announced on Friday that his agency found new emails related to Clinton’s mishandling of classified information that they had not seen before. The Associated Press said

Hillary Campaign Tries To Hide Rally Photos From The Public

Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Clinton smiles during first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had some embarrassing photos leaked Thursday which showed abysmally poor attendance at one of her campaign stops. Clinton was slated to be the keynote speaker during the National Baptist Convention in Kansas City. Organizers were getting ready for a big turnout, and while previous days of the convention were full,

We Can Prove the Podesta Emails Released by Wikileaks Are Authentic… Here’s How


The emails released by Wikileaks are authentic especially for those who have even half a brain or an ounce of honesty left in them. If these qualities do not exist in theme, anyone who’s been implicated would immediately and aggressively denied their claims rather than simply change the subject by blurting out some incoherent nonsense about Russia

Assange Released Emails Before Internet Was Cut, Got Perfect Revenge on Hillary


Julian Assange, founder of the famous Wikileaks, found out that his internet connect on Monday was cut down. According to Clark Stoekley, an activist of Wikileaks, two days following the controversy put the blame on the U.S State Department, which showed support Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. He told RT in an interview, “It seems

State Department Official Sought ‘Quid Pro Quo’ From FBI Over Clinton Email Classification


As what one of the congreemen refered to as the “flashing red light of potential criminality,” an offer of “quid pro quo” by a senior State Departmetn offical as seen in FBI documents to get FBI to remove the “Secret” label from one of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails from the days when she

BOMBSHELL! Leaked Email Reveals The Disturbing Thing Hillary Wanted Done To Trey Gowdy

Hillary Clinton knows exactly what she is signing up and before she delve into the Democrat presidential nomination, she had prepared herself and made a plan on attacking her adversaries before any of them could hurt her. And when her involvement to the Benghazi terrorist attacks was hunted down by the Republican congressional investigators, one

Wikileaks: ‘Anti-SJW’ Heat Street Founder Louise Mensch Pitched Ad Script to Hillary Clinton Campaign


Former British Conservative Party Member of Parliament and “right wing” blogger Louise Mensch privately tried to assist the Hillary Clinton campaign, emails published by Wikileaks reveal. Mrs. Mensch runs the Rupert Murdoch-backed blog Heat Street, which claims to stand against identity politics and what it labels “social justice warriors” under the slogan “no safe spaces.”

Is This Some Kind Of A Joke? Hillary’s Response To WikiLeaks Story Simply Unbelievable

Was Hillary joking? Clinton is known for many things, it can be for her ruthless intelligence, conniving manipulation, lying, being vindictive, holding grudges, and lying some more, however, her sense of humor isn’t not in her list especially when Americans think of when the name “Hillary Clinton” comes up. Hillary’s latest line made it very

‘Wednesday Hillary Clinton is done’: Reports Julian Assange’s announcement on Tuesday will finish her


MSNBC’s Jesse Rodriguez on Monday posted  an “ominous” remark on social media last week regarding Julian Assange, a report from Biz Pack Review said. “Morning Joe” senior producer said the Wikileaks founder will be making an announcement from his balcony on Tuesday, Oct. 4. Julian Assange set to make an announcement from his balcony in London next Tuesday, according

Gowdy Says Lies Show Sufficient Intent To Prosecute Clinton In Email Scandal


On Wednesday, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C. demanded to know what exactly the FBI’s standard would have been to have prosecuted Clinton for breaking the law since the investigation made it clear that there was a careless conduct, flouting of the rules for handling sensitive documents, and attempts to cover up the scandal. “What would she

SHOCK! DNC Chair Slips Up, Mistakenly Reveals What Really Happened as Hillary Got in Van


On Sunday, Donna Brazile , Democratic National Committee interim Chairwoman, appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” to discuss Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s collapse on Sept. 11. It was the intention of the DNC to compliment but turned out to be a major admission about the severity of Clinton’s health that day. Breitbart reported that Brazile

CNN edits Hillary’s embarrassing response to NYC bombing – fixed it right up


Hillary Clinton statement in response to an explosion that rocked a Manhattan Chelsea neighbourhood Saturday night was covered up CNN. The Democratic presidential nominee based on her actual statement called the explosion a “bombing,” while at the same time chastising Donald Trump for calling it the same. Oops. As reported by ABC New’s Liz Kreutz,

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