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President Obama To Deliver Farewell Address From Chicago


  President Barack Obama has announced on Tuesday that will deliver his farewell message in his hometown at Chicago on January 10, a report from Western Journalism said. “I’m just beginning to write my remarks,” Obama said. “I’m thinking about them as a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey, to celebrate the

Gingrich Says THIS is How Trump Plans to WRECK Obama’s Legacy


On Tuesday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has explained  how President-elect Trump could potentially destroy the legacy of President Barack Obama after he would sworn into office, a report from Conservative Post said. Appearing at Fox News, Gingrich told the “Sunday Morning Futures” host: “I think in the opening couple days, [Trump’s] going to repeal 60 to

Santa Feels The Sting Of Joking About Hillary Clinton


On Monday, a Santa Claus who is working inside the  Seminole Town Center in Sanford, Florida, has been removed by his employee and required to receive HR counseling, a report from Western Journalism said. The Noerr Program, Inc., with whom the Santa is employed, provides Santas nationwide. According to the report, the woman has informed the mall management

What This Hawaiian Elector Just Did Made Hillary’s Loss That Much Worse!


Defeated Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is still mending her wounds from her loss during this year’s November 2016 election. It was learned that Clinton loss because she had the most faithless electors, a report from USA Politics Today said on Wednesday. According to the report, a Hawaiian elector has voted presidential candidate Bernie Sanders instead

Audio Leaked of Hillary GOING OFF In Blaming Rant About Why She Lost


A report has surfaced on Tuesday saying that an alleged audio of defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been released by unnamed source, a report from Proud Conservative said. According to the  the report, Clinton could be heard ranting after her loss in this year’s November presidential elections. She repotedly blamed global leaders and

When Liberals Says Russia Influenced The Election, Show Them This…Then Laugh

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

On Thursday, both conservatives supporters of President-elect Donald Trump were dismissive of the possibility that interference by Russian hackers changed the outcome of the 2016 election, a report from Proud Conservative said. The publication has presented an run down of the 13 major moments where defeated Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was invincible during the presidential campaign. Here’s the timeline

Congress Gives Trump Magic Wand To Erase Obama’s Legacy Forever


On Thursday, US Congress announced that it would use the Congressional Review Act in an attempt to eliminate Obama’s last-minute orders, pointing out that the President-elect Donald Trump will just have to sign the bill to remove all the written accounts of Obama legacy. According to World News Politics, the  the Congressional Review Act was used back in 2011

BREAKING! The FBI Just Exposed The Clinton Foundation!

On Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has released what appeared to be over a hundred pages of their investigation into the Clinton Foundation, a report from USA Politics Today said. According to the report, both Marc Rich and Pincus Green that were found guilty of mail fraud, wire fraud, tax evasion, and racketeering. It was learned

Michelle Obama complains about not being paid, Watch Laura Bush set her straight


Back on the campaign trail, in 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama has reportedly complained several times because she is not being paid as the First Lady. “I want to make sure that when she’s working she’s getting paid the same as men,” Obama said at a campaign stop in Colorado. “I gotta say that First

Jason Chaffetz Forces FBI To Admit They Hid Evidence For Hillary The Entire Time


A report has surfaced on Monday, saying that the investigation to the Clinton e-mail scandal was re-opened, a report from Proudcons said. According to the report, several Federal Bureau of Immigrations were grilled in order to get information as to why Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State was clueless when she encountered “C” or

Joe Scarborough: ‘Hillary Clinton Cost Hillary Clinton The Election,’ Not Fake News


On Monday, American cable news and talk radio host, lawyer, author, and former politician Joe Scarborough has slammed the defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after the former secretary of state blamed the proliferation of fake news and attributed it to her loss, a report from USA Politics Today said. According to the report, Scarborough blasted

Philadelphia Recount Finished – Clinton Picks Up Only 5 More Votes


A report has surfaced on Wednesday saying that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton only five more votes than her original total at the conclusion of the Philadelphia recount. According to Western Journalism, the recount, which started Friday, resulted in the exact same vote totals for Republican Donald Trump, Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson. It was learned that Stein is planning to use district-level recounts

Facing These Terrible Choices, This American Institution Could Be Headed For Disaster


On Wednesday, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has officially dropped out of the race on Friday, the party that nominated Bill Clinton for the White House in 1992. This sparks a question of chairmanship in the DNC, a report from Western Journalism said. According to the report, Minnesota Rep.  Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, is undergoing a

Nancy Pelosi Rips Ben Carson, Ben Gets Last Laugh


Nancy Pelosi is a failure and is a creature of the DC Swamp. She’s held no real job in her life and she married into a lot of money then spent almost all of that buying political influence in DC and then a seat in Congress in San Francisco. I am not surprised that she

Clinton Portrait Prominently Displayed Among White House Christmas Decorations


A report has surfaced on Monday saying that a portrait of defeated Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was seen hanging in the White House. “An official portrait of the former first lady and Democratic presidential nominee is hanging in the Cross Hall of the White House, displayed alongside an array of bells, baubles and other

State Department Quietly Releases 362 New Emails From Clinton’s Private Email Server


The State Department on Friday has reported released 362 of 15,000 emails  from the private email server of former Secretary of State and failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. According to Western Journalism, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has discovered that several emails contained “near duplicates” to the e-mails submitted by Clinton in 2014. It can be recalled

Anthony Weiner In Trouble Again: Faces $65K In Fines


American politician Anthony Weiner is now facing a controversy again  after he was fined $64,956 by the New York City Campaign Finance Board for violations committed in his 2013 failed bid for mayor, a report from Western Journalism said on Friday. According to the report, the board released a decision enumerating the 10 violations which includes, among others, the misappropriating campaign

Clintons Receive Insulting News From Arkansas


A report has surfaced on Friday saying that Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert is pushing to change the name of the airport in Little Rock. According to Western Journalism, both former President Bill Clinton and defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have just heard the latest report. The Clintons originally renamed the airport in 2012 which was originally known as

White House Defends Clinton Campaign’s Participation In Wisconsin Recount


Earlier this week, the administration of U.S President Barack Obama has defended the  the participation of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a presidential election recount in Wisconsin. This as the news come that President-elect Donald Trump has slammed both Obama and Clinton for joining the calls for recount, fearing that the contest would yield a

BREAKING! Hillary Joins Jill Stein In Official Recount Efforts…


On Monday, Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein was criticized for her dubious fundraising activities. The news comes after Stein has reportedly raised an certain huge amount of money to conduct a ballot recount in several states. Steil wanted to have a ballot recount in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. However, reports have

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