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John Kerry Exit Memo Claims Al-Qaeda ‘Shadow of What It Was’ Before Obama


Outgoing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, with two weeks left in office, issued anexit memo that concedes the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) “cannot be won overnight.” The memo also lauds the Iran nuclear deal, while acknowledging that the Islamic Republic’s missile program and ongoing support for terrorism remain “threats” to the United

Escaped ISIS Sex Slave Got in Front of Congress and Called Obama Weak To His Face!


The Obama administration on Thursday claims that the Islamic militant group ISIS is getting weaker. The White House said that ISIS no longer pose a security threat to America, a report from Proud Conservative said. However, a former Islamic State sex slave who reportedly appeared before Congress has now urged the U.S. to fight the radical terrorist group

Document Surfaces That Proves Trump Right About Who Created ISIS


President-elect Donald Trump said on Thursday that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were alleged  “founder” and “cofounder” of ISIS. The news comes after a document has surfaced showing the “supporting powers” literally wanted ISIS to be created, a report from Proud Conservative said. According to Trump, his allegations were based from the the August 2012 report (declassified and

U.S. Intelligence: Islamic State ‘Caliph’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Still Alive


The elusive leader of the Islamic State “caliphate,” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is evidently still alive, despite rumors that his low profile for the past few months might have signaled his death or a serious injury. There were also rumors of his death on social media and a report that Islamic State leaders from Iraq and

Man Who Exposed Obama’s Links To ISIS Funding Found Dead


Yves Chandelon, Auditor General of NATO, was found dead under mysterious circumstances. The family is calling it murder. Chandelon’s body was found in the Belgian town of Andenne, 62 miles away from his home and 100 miles away from his workplace. As Auditor General, Mr. Chandelon was responsible for critical investigations into terrorist financing and

Announcement About Greater Involvement Of U.S. Troops In Battle For Mosul Leads To Chilling ISIS Threats


The U.S Special Forces in Iraq composed of more than 5, 000 American soldiers are now engaging with the Islamic State in Mosul, a report from Western Journalism said on Wednesday. U.S. Army Colonel Brett G. Sylvia told Reuters that US soldiers will be “embedding more extensively” in the battle against ISIS in Iraq’s second-largest city, Lieutenant Colonel

Officials Alarmed To Discover What Refugee Youth Are Watching


Authorities said on Tuesday that it considered Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees a major security risk in the country, a report from Conservative Post said.  According to the report, the assessment made by German authorities was based on the intelligence reports that ISIS has intensified its recruitment among the migrant youths.  Officials at an asylum for

Terror Victims Sue Facebook, Twitter, Google for ‘Helping ISIS’


A report has surfaced on Friday said that three Internet giants are in hot water over charges that their services assisted the rise of Muslim terrorist group ISIS. According to Conservative Post, the families of three people killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting last June are suing Facebook, Twitter and Google. Facebook, Twitter and Google

Rudy Giuliani Delivers BITTER TRUTH to Middle East Asylum-Seekers


On Thursday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has issued a strongly-worded statement against the Middle East migrants who are seeking asylum in the US, a report from Conservative Post said. He noted that with the influx of the Middle East migrants in the country, terrorism also is on the rise in US and Europe.

Donald Trump Threatens Radical Islam


President-elect Donald Trump has claimed on Wednesday that the execution of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was a handiwork of radical islam, a report from World News Politics said. It can be recalled that Trump has repeatedly slammed President Barack Obama because he won’t  use the term “radical Islam” for eight years. Trump’s statement came after the

ISIS Takes Credit For Berlin Truck Crash That Killed 9 People At Christmas Market


Muslim militant group ISIS took credit on Tuesday about a truck plowed into a crowd gathered in a Christmas market in Berlin which claimed the lives of nine people and injuring others, a report from Western Journalism said. According to the report, the truck which was identified to have a Polish plates was en route back home from

Liberal Lawmaker: Syrian Refugees Bring Terrorism With Them


Hilik Bar, an Israeli member of Knesset, and an identified left-wing and liberal maker, warned on Wednesday that  opening the gates to waves of Syrian refugees will result in more terrorism, a report from Conservative Post said. Bar claims that Europe is now facing a serious threat because of the influx of Syrian refugees. He made

Turkey on the Warpath After Devastating Terrorist Bombings

Obama Wants Turkey To Seal Off Their Border To Syria And Stop Funding ISIS...Can He Even Get Them To Listen?

The Turkey government on Monday wanted to use a a devastating double terrorist bombing in order to to justify further hostility toward the Kurds, a report from the Conservative Post said. It can be recalled that on Saturday two bombs went off after a soccer game in Istanbul. The bombing incident has claimed the lives of 38 people and

Iran Is TAUNTING Trump… They’re Playing With FIRE!


All of Iran’s boasting just shows how scared they are of Trump! President-elect Donald Trump called Iran nuclear agreement a “bad deal,” and his new secretary of defense, “Mad Dog” Mattis, wants to tear it up. But Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday vowed he wouldn’t let the incoming Trump Administration do anything of the sort.

Israeli Soldiers Report Divine Intervention in Battle With ISIS


Israeli soldiers last week clashed with ISIS terrorists along the Israel-Syria border in the Golan Heights. Those same soldiers later reported, and provided evidence of, divine intervention. Last Sunday, ISIS gunmen opened fire on a group of Israeli soldiers operating in the buffer zone between Israel and Syria. Israel Air Force aircraft quickly eliminated the

FBI: Islamic State and Al-Qaeda Cleric Inspired Ohio State Attacker


The Somali college student who used a vehicle and a butcher knife to attack people at Ohio State University (OSU) this week was inspired by the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and deceased Yemeni-American al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, according to the FBI. “At this time, we are not aware of anyone else being involved in the planning

FBI: Ohio State Attack Likely Inspired By ISIS Videos


The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Thursday has confirmed that Ohio State University student Abdul Razak has drew “inspiration” from ISIS propaganda, a report from Western Journalism said. FBI Agent Angela Byers said the FBI has examined the post and pointed out that the agency successfully tracked the purchase of knife Artan bought at Walmart the morning of the attack. It

Trump: Ohio State Attacker ‘Should Not Have Been In Our Country’


President-elect Donald Trump has tweeted on Wednesday about a student who attacked civilians at the Ohio State University ealier this week, a report from Western Journalism said. Trump’s tweet has caused a wave of controversy to the public.  In his tweet, the president-elect referred to the attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, as “a Somali refugee

Philippine President Duterte’s Advance Motorcade Attacked By Muslim Militants


An advanced team composed of seven security members of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte including two soldiers were injured after a bomb went off along the road planted by the Muslim militants. According to media reports, the road side bombing took place ahead of Duterte’s visit  to the south of the country. “My advance party was ambushed

ISIS Comes Forward Taking Credit For Attack At Ohio State University


The Muslim militant group ISIS on Wednesday took credit for the recent attack last Monday where it injured nine students of the  Ohio State University, a report from Western Journalism said. It was learned that  Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an Ohio University student, carried the attack and later was killed by the police authorities inside

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