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Stars at Obama’s White House Farewell Bash Party Until 4 A.M.


A litany of A-list celebrities braved below-freezing temperatures to attend President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama’s final party at the White House on Friday. The star-studded crowd at the Obama’s farewell bash included George and Amal Clooney, Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg, Stevie Wonder, David Letterman, George Lucas, Paul McCartney, and many more. Cell phones were reportedly confiscated, forcing stars to snap and

Obama Lists Regrets — Again: Failure to Secure Gun Control Still #1


In a January 4 “exit letter” to the American people, President Obama again listed what he regrets most about the last eight years. Number one on the list was his failure to secure gun control. Obama shared this same regret with CNN in early December 2016, and the BBC quoted him in July 2015 speaking

Tufts U. ‘Immigrant Justice’ Group Demands Sanctuary Campus


Social justice warriors at Tufts University are now demanding illegal immigrant students on campus be shielded from federal immigration laws through a sanctuary campus policy. The student activist organization known as “Tufts United for Immigrant Justice” is heading up calls to university officers, asking that illegal immigrants not be subject to any new policies expected

Sanctuary Cities Freed 2,000 Migrants in FY 2016


More than 2,000 illegal immigrants have been freed from sanctuary cities’ police departments in fiscal year 2016 instead of being handed over to federal immigration officials. In a year-end report from the Department of Homeland Security, nearly 279 sanctuary cities were detailed responsible for the release of illegal immigrants back onto the streets as the

Japan PM: ‘I Offer My Sincere and Everlasting Condolences to the Souls of Those Who Lost Their Lives’ At Pearl Harbor


Tuesday at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI, at a speech with President Barack Obama, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said,”As the prime minister of Japan, I offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here.” Abe said, “I cast flowers on behalf of the Japanese people upon the

Dem Rep Carson: Jewish Settlements ‘Illegitimate,’ Global Community Saying ‘Enough Is Enough’


Monday on CNN’s “The Lead,” while discussing his agreement with the Obama administration’s failure to veto the U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the second Muslim to be elected to the United States Congress Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) said the administration has said, “These settlements are illegitimate and we have

Obama: Sanders ‘A Pretty Centrist Politician’ Compared to ‘Some of the Republicans’


During an interview on Monday’s “Axe Files” podcast, President Obama argued Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “is a pretty centrist politician” compared to “some of the Republicans.” Obama responded to a question on whether he was worried about the Democratic Party turning into the British Labour Party by saying he wasn’t because, “I think that, the

Michael Fletcher: Obama ‘Ignored the Question of Racism’ ‘When He Could’


On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” Michael Fletcher, Senior Writer for ESPN’s The Undefeated stated President Obama, “when he could,” “ignored the question of racism.” Fletcher said Obama, “when he could, quite frankly, he ignored the question of racism. Interestingly, I was talking earlier this week to [Representative] Jim Clyburn (D-SC), you know, one of

CNN: Obama Fired a ‘Parting Shot’ Towards Israel and Netanyahu 7577 5


On Friday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” CNN Global Affairs Correspondent Elise Labott and CNN Global Affairs Analyst Aaron David Miller characterized the US abstaining on a UN Security Council vote on the Israeli settlements as a “parting shot” by President Obama towards Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Labott said, “[Y]ou can’t neglect that this

Obama Plans to Develop a ‘Whole New Generation’ of Democratic Talent


In a NPR exit interview with Steve Inskeep, President Barack Obama said in his post-White House life he plans to  develop “a whole new generation” of Democratic talent. Partial transcript as follows: INSKEEP: Were Democrats failing to do that at every level because your party has lost the majority of races at almost every level

Celebrities Attack President-Elect Donald Trump over Violence in Aleppo


Celebrities rushed to social media this week to condemn the carnage Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has inflicted on his own people in Aleppo — and some in Hollywood also attacked President-elect Donald Trump over the tragedy. Leading the charge to tie Trump to Assad’s atrocities in Syria, Spotlight actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted a Huffington Post article: “As He Slaughters Civilians In

Obama: ‘Principle of Competition’ ‘At the Very Heart’ Of Affordable Care Act


During Saturday’s Weekly Address, President Obama stated, “it’s this principle of competition that’s at the very heart of our health reform. In fact, it’s the reason we call it the Affordable Care Act; it makes insurance companies compete for your business, which is helping millions afford the care that helps them get and stay healthy.”

Obama: Judge Obamacare Replacements By ‘Whether They Keep All Those Improvements That Benefit You’


During Saturday’s Weekly Address, President Obama promoted the HealthCare.gov open enrollment period by stating that “any partisan talk you hear about repealing or replacing” Obamacare “should be judged by whether they keep all those improvements that benefit you and your family” and joked that “It’s the most wonderful time of the year — and not

President Obama: Blame Second Amendment, Not Radical Islamic Terror


During a December 6 speech on national security and the fight against terrorism, President Obama refused to criticize radical Islamic terror but had no problem suggesting that the availability of firearms in America is problematic. At one point during the speech, Obama actually warned Americans not criticize Islam for the attacks that Muslims have carried out

Democrats Calling on Obama to Pardon Illegal Immigrants


Democrats are calling on President Obama to pardon illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children in order to protect them from deportation under President-elect Donald Trump. Democrats penned a second letter in a month with 60 signatures asking Obama to take action immediately, the Hill reported. Lawmakers say their last letter was misinterpreted

Obama: ‘Troubling’ Rhetoric of Right Media During Campaign Was Not ‘Connected to Facts’


Tuesday at a joint news conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, President Barack Obama said the “rhetoric among Republican elected officials and activists and media,” during the presidential campaign  was “pretty troubling and not necessarily connected to facts.” Obama said, “When you see a Donald Trump and a Bernie Sanders, very unconventional candidates have

Black Grandmother Faced ‘Backlash’ for Supporting Donald Trump


Mary Milton, a lifelong Democrat, grandmother, and woman of faith, says she experienced a fair share of criticism for her outspoken support for President-elect Donald Trump’s candidacy. “It’s been African American people, it’s been white people, it’s been Hispanic people,” Milton said, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. The 60-something-year-old said she voted for President Obama in

Whoopi Goldberg: ‘You Can Say There Was No Whitelash,’ But There Was


Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” while discussing if race payed a role in Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, co-host Whoopi Goldberg got emotional, saying there was a “whitelash” against the first black president. Goldberg said, “You can say that there was no whitelash; there was a little bit of whitelash. I remember. I was there.

Obama Called Out For Hypocricy After Saying Trump Is A Threat To The Constitution


This week the Democrat president accused of  “blatantly violating the strictures of our founding document,” warned that the Constitution is in danger if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is elected on Tuesday. President Barack Obama said of Trump while campaigning for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, “If you disrespect the Constitution by threatening to shut down

Mark Ruffalo Rips ‘Immoral’ Hypocrite Obama at Climate Change Rally


Actor Mark Ruffalo challenged President Obama’s record on climate change at a rally in Los Angeles Sunday, calling the president an “immoral” hypocrite for referring to himself as a “climate change leader.” The environmental activist and Avengers star joined roughly 800 people at the rally in MacArthur Park Sunday evening, including fellow actors Susan Sarandon and Shailene

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