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Ted Cruz: ‘No $ for UN’ Until Anti-Israel Resolution Reversed


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweetedon Saturday that he would oppose funding for the United Nations until the UN Security Council reversed an anti-Israel resolution that it approved on Friday, with the acquiescence of the Obama administration. The resolution not only describes the Israeli presence across the 1949 armistice line as illegal — including in the

Congress Busted Obama In Biggest Money Laundering Scheme in U.S. History


On Friday,  Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.), a House Intelligence Committee member, said that based on the disclosures made by the Treasury Department revealed that an initial $400 million cash payment to Iran was wired to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY), a report from Proud Conservative said. According to the report, the money

Evangelical Cruz Breaks Silence on Secular Rex Tillerson


On Friday, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz issued a statement lauding the selection of Rex Tillerson as  President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. secretary of state,  a report from Conservative Tribune said. “Rex Tillerson is a Texan who has had an incredible career building one of the world’s largest businesses. With deep expertise in energy, he has negotiated business deals

BREAKING! Huge Cruz News… Insider Says Cruz Will Accept Seat if Nominated


President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday has created a  list of potential nominees for the position of Supreme Court justice. Trump also vowed that he would pick the next Supreme  Court justice from the list, a report from Conservative Tribune said. Rumors have it that Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, formerly a bitter rival of Trump,  was likely to accept

Kellyanne Conway Implies Ted Cruz Will Not Be Considered a SCOTUS Pick


On Friday, Kellyanne Conway, the campaign manager of President-elect Donald Trump, said that  Trump would not alter the list of nominees for the Supreme Court, a report from Conservative Tribune said. Conway conveyed the message when she was interviewed by the reporters this week at the Trump Tower. “You’ve seen the list of 21. The list has

Cruz Hitting Campaign Trail To Block ‘Manifestly Unfit’ Candidate From White House


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas on Monday will be joining the campaign trail to help Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump push his presidential bid, a report from Western Journalism said. “If Clinton wins, we know — with 100 percent certainty — that she would deliver on her left-wing promises, with devastating results for our country,” Cruz said  in a Facebook post. He branded

Cruz Hitting Campaign Trail To Block ‘Manifestly Unfit’ Candidate From White House


On Thursday,  Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, will reportedly join the campaign trail to help Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump push his resurgent campaign over the top, a report from Western Journalism said. “If Clinton wins, we know — with 100 percent certainty — that she would deliver on her left-wing promises, with devastating results for our country,” Cruz said  in a Facebook

Ted Cruz to Campaign with Gov. Mike Pence for Trump-Pence Ticket in Iowa, Michigan


  Former presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz will be campaigning with Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence at Iowa and Michigan rallies for the Trump-Pence ticket on Thursday. Cruz will be delivering remarks at the rallies, according to Pence campaign officials. Pence has rallies scheduled for Prole, Iowa and Portage, Michigan tomorrow, according to

Glenn Beck Throws Hissy Fit After Ted Cruz Endorses Trump… “Maybe It’s Time To Go…”


Former presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz shocked America when he announced on Friday that he will be voting for Trump in November just to only prevent his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton from attaining the White House. Cruz is seemingly thinking the good of our country ahead of his personal ambition or lingering hard

Donald Trump: ‘Greatly Honored by the Endorsement of Senator Cruz’


Donald Trump responded late Friday afternoon to the announcement that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said he would be voting for him. “I am greatly honored by the endorsement of Senator Cruz. We have fought the battle and he was a tough and brilliant opponent,” Trump responded in a press release Friday afternoon. “I look forward

Conservative Icon Mark Levin Drops Bombshell About Donald Trump


As the 2016 U.S Presidential draws near, voters were confronted of several issues in order to determine who among the presidential candidates deserve their votes, a report from Conservative Tribune said on Thursday. Conservative talk radio host and author Mark Levin, who was a staunch outspoken critic of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proclaimed

Trump Praises Former Texas Governor As Talk Turns To Re-Electing Ted Cruz


Gov. Rick Perry has just been endorsed by Donald Trump for the same position as Sen. Ted Cruz for the 2018 election. As reported bby the Dallas Morning News, Trump was questioned about hypothetical matchups when the talk at an Austin fund-raiser Trump was attending turned to Cruz’s 2018 campaign, according toe the Lone Star

Trump Stumbles… Or Did He?


The major campaign platform of Donald Trump in his campaign has put a restrain on the illegal immigration and build a “big, beautiful” wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to stop those who wants to enter this country illegally. But there are who noticed that Trump’s stand on illegal immigrants here in the US has subside

Poll Results Shed Light On Ted Cruz’s Political Future


Charles Krauthammer on Wednesday branded Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as the “longest suicide note in American political history” while Steve Hayes called it as a “great theater.” Western Journalism said that Cruz’s decision not to endorse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during the Republican National Convention may have an effect to his political career.   Recently,

Under the Bus: Ted Cruz’s Biggest Donors Cut Ties


From Maggie Haberman at the New York Times: Influential Donors Criticize Ted Cruz for His G.O.P. Convention Speech In an extraordinary public rebuke, two influential donors who were among the biggest supporters of Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign excoriated Mr. Cruz on Saturday for his decision not to endorse Donald J. Trump at the Republican

Trump: ‘I’ll Probably Do a Super PAC’ Against Cruz and Kasich

donald trump campaign stop

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,”Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump confirmed a Bloomberg report that he is interested in setting up Super PAC to defeat Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) when they next run for office. Partial transcript as follows: TODD: All right. Ted Cruz, I’m going to mend it, are

BREAKING! Cruz Makes New Announcement About Trump Endorsement


Former presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz drew flock from the crowd when he did not endorse the presidential candidacy of GOP nominee Donald Trump during the Republican National Convention, a report from Conservative Tribune said on Friday. In a statement,  Jeff Roe, campaign  manager of Cruz, said that Cruz will endorse Trump in

BOOM! Ann Coulter Drops the Hammer on Cruz… It’s Getting Ugly


On Friday, Ann Coulter, an outspoken conservative author and commentator has lambasted Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for not endorsing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during the GOP convention in Cleveland, a report from Conservative Tribune said. Coulter publicly hit Cruz during her appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” She claimed that Cruz committed a political suicide

Gary Bauer: Ted Cruz ‘Dead Wrong,’ Likely Has No Political Future After Speech


Republican politician and activist Gary Bauer spoke to Breitbart News DailySiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon about Sen. Ted Cruz’s Republican National Convention speech. He said, “If he thought this would help him, he’s dead wrong. This is the equivalent of setting yourself on fire. It’s going to take some incredible event we can’t foresee right now for him

EXCLUSIVE — David Axelrod to Breitbart: Trump ‘Orchestrated’ the Boos


CLEVELAND, Ohio — David Axelrod, former political strategist for President Barack Obama, spoke to Breitbart News Thursday at the Republican National Convention, reflecting on the speech Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave the night before. Axelrod echoed a theory floated by Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire, which is that Trump, having seen Cruz’s speech, allowed

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